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Winter mixes

It is time for everyone to post theirs.

(Possibly some of you live in a place where there is autumn, i.e. not Denver fucking Colorado, so if that's you, post your autumn mix. Otherwise ... winter.)

Note: most of these songs don't actually mention winter, or cold, or snow. I just went for songs that sound cold.
Hello Tomorrow--Squeak E. Clean
3rd Planet--Modest Mouse
Simple Twist of Fate--Bob Dylan
Ice Water--Cat Power
Was It A Lie?--Sleater-Kinney
Little Green--Joni Mitchell
The Seer's Tower--Sufjan Stevens
Neighborhood #2 (Laika)--The Arcade Fire
Cheers Darlin'--Damien Rice
River Man--Nick Drake
This Is Everything--Tegan & Sara
Roads (Live)--Portishead
Subterranean Homesick Alien--Radiohead
Bells for Her--Tori Amos
Don't Make A Sound--Azure Ray
Cold Winter's Day--BoDeans
Bird Stealing Bread--Iron & Wine
Surprise Ice--Kings Of Convenience
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