music reviews? who does good ones?


my band's about to release our first EP and it would be cool if we could get some press for it.

does anyone know where we could get a good review done? perhaps an online 'zine? any aspiring music critics out there? anything?

thanks in advance and we truly appreciate any help we can get.

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so.... no one seems to be posting. Answer me these questions then.

First record I ever bought?

First gig?

Best gig?

Gig I wish I’d been at?

CD in my player at the moment?

A record that makes me laugh?

A record that makes me cry?

A record that sounds better in the dark?

A song I wish I had written?

A record I’d like played at my funeral?

Soundtrack for a long car journey?

Song you enjoy most singing along to?

climbing up a slowly burning rope

The "new" McCartney cd, Chaos and Creation is just good.
I've had it for a few weeks but haven't really listened to it all that much (I've always been a Harrison girl), but this morning I woke up with "How Kind of You" playing in my head, so I listened to it, and... snaps- it's just good.

Thoughts? Favorite songs? Least favorite?


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