scavo l'amore (kitllylane) wrote in jaimelamusique,
scavo l'amore

quick note

I just wanted to say... although I'm sure you know, or else you dislike them altogether... "new name for everything" by the weakerthans, is an INCREDIBLE song. it's really amazing.
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I LOVE The Weakerthans! "My Favorite Chords" is another favorite of mine.
Even though they're from my hometown I hate all of their stuff except for Left and Leaving and One Great City! (because its about Winnipeg.)
Left and Leaving is an incredible song too.
personally, i've kinda stopped liking reconstruction site except th...

no, wait. i like it like woah. never mind.

haha, i'm listening to ANNFE right now and it's such a, i don't know, it doesn't have a deep musical texture or anything, it makes me want to bob my head from side to side. but the lyrics... i actually had that line "bottle cap ashtrays and intimates ears" in my head last night. oh, the smudge on a newspaper sky. yeah. a really good song, if a little song.

fire every phrase!

ok, ok, i'm done. yes i'm a big weakerthans fan.
oh shoot, that's me. uh yeah.